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Colombia Las Perlitas Huila

Colombia Las Perlitas Huila

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Cola, Raspberry
Origin: Huila, Colombia
Process: Washed

Smallholder farmers in Colombia very often don't produce enough coffee to be able to export their beans, even when the quality is as good (or better) than coffee from larger lots. So our sourcing partners at The Coffee Quest set out to hunt for the best of the best of the small lots from all around Huila, compiling them into a larger export-size lot of the finest quality coffee. They've named this lot Las Perlitas, or Little Pearls, in celebration of the passion and perseverance of the producers who grew these treasures.

We are thrilled to be able to offer you Las Perlitas Huila, which we adore for its commitment to uplifting coffee farmers as well as for its harmonious balance and crisp mouthfeel. Its delightful flavors of milk chocolate, cola, and raspberry don't hurt, either!

Note: We roast on Mondays and ship or have beans ready for pickup the following day. Order before midnight on Sunday to have your beans included in the next day's roast.

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