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Kenya Kirinyaga Peaberry

Kenya Kirinyaga Peaberry

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Dried Blueberry, Lavender
Origin: Kirinyaga County, Kenya
Process: Washed

This wonderful coffee comes from the Ngungu-ini Factory, part of the Kibirigwi Farmers Cooperative Society, which draws coffee from 1200 smallholder farmers in the lush foothills of Mount Kenya. The deep red volcanic soil here produces coffees that are vibrant and fruit-forward, and this peaberry lot in particular is exceptional.

In peaberry coffee, only a single coffee bean develops inside each coffee cherry—instead of the typical twin beans—and some consider this dense little bean to offer more sweetness and flavor in the cup. Certainly what stands out to us about this particular Kenyan is its syrupy body, delicious caramel notes, and sugary, candy-like sweetness. We also taste plenty of dried fruit flavor and a hint of lavender.

Note: We roast on Mondays and ship or have beans ready for pickup the following day. Order before midnight on Sunday to have your beans included in the next day's roast.

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