We strive to bring you the most interesting and delicious coffees in the world. Working with our supply chain partners, we are able to source the highest quality green coffee beans while also empowering farmers with fair pricing and long-term business relationships. We then roast all the beans with love (aww) in our micro roastery in the heart of Carrboro, NC.

Did you know? Coffee is a seasonal product, and coffee seasons vary by region. That's why all year long, we test samples from the latest harvests in Central and South America, Africa, and Asia so that we can offer you coffees at their peak of flavor.

We are meticulous about cupping (i.e., taste testing) and roasting in small batches so that we are able to give each green coffee a customized roast profile that draws out the best flavor and aroma for the bean.

Our beans are available by the pound online and in our Carrboro shop. Not sure which one to choose? Shoot us a note, or ask one of our friendly baristas for help finding a coffee that speaks to you.