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Lead Barista

Required Availability: 
Minimum 25-30 hours per week, Wednesday–Sunday

Job Overview

We are seeking a Lead Barista to help ensure exceptional service and café experiences for our customers. Acting as the primary liaison between baristas and the café manager, the Lead Barista is responsible for developing and implementing café best practices as well as encouraging optimal teamwork.

Providing positive, constructive feedback by coaching in the moment is essential, as is being able to impart enthusiasm and knowledge regarding coffee types, processing methods, and tasting notes.

The ideal candidate has at least two years experience working in coffee and is able to remain calm, professional, patient, and kind when interacting with team members and customers.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Leading by example in preparing and serving coffee, with emphasis on consistency and quality
  • Developing and implementing comprehensive opening, midday, and closing duties to ensure consistency in customer experience, retail stock levels, and cafĂ© cleanliness and organization
  • Providing regular coaching and feedback to team members on drink quality and operating procedures, as well as sharing product knowledge
  • Communicating effectively and regularly with the cafĂ© manager about employee engagement, work performance, customer feedback, and areas of improvement
  • Working in tandem with other leads and setting the standard for teamwork
  • In the absence of the manager, problem-solving and making decisions in the best interests of customers
  • Some work requirements may be off-site or fall outside the the normal schedule

To apply, email cover letter and resume to manager@graysquirrelcoffee.com.

Gray Squirrel Coffee Co. is proud to be an Orange County Living Wage certified employer.