Welcome to the Gray Squirrel family! We are proud to be your coffee provider. By creating an online wholesale account, you agree to these policies, so please read them carefully.


We roast with love (aww) in our roastery and cafe in Carrboro, NC. We select the best beans of the season and then roast in small batches so that we are able to give each green coffee a customized roast profile that draws out the best flavor and aroma for the bean. We are happy to speak with you about discovering the ideal coffee(s) for your needs and even creating a custom blend.

We have indicated a roast level for each of our wholesale coffees so that you can more easily compare how “dark” or “light” a coffee tastes in comparison to our other offerings. Our roast levels are based on the Agtron scale, with our lightest roast at 70 and our darkest at 40. Each roast level brings out certain flavors and aromas in the coffee, so it can also guide you toward the characteristics you prefer. However, please note that our roast level is most useful as a reference among our own coffees, not necessarily those from other roasting companies.

In order to ensure freshness and quality we do not pre-grind our coffee. We recommend grinding right before brewing. We can gladly make recommendations on a burr grinder for your shop.


We do our best to find the most interesting and delicious coffees in the world, which means sometimes we can only get our hands on small quantities, and we occasionally run out. We will regularly update the website with our current offerings. If, after ordering, the coffee you selected becomes unavailable, we will reach out through telephone or email to give you the chance to select another coffee in the same price point or flavor profile. If we cannot get a hold of you, we will make the choice for you, emphasizing flavor profile first.


We have a three-tiered pricing structure for wholesale beans:













There is no order minimum. Prices listed on the Wholesale Coffee page are for whole bean coffee only, with taxes and shipping added at checkout if necessary. You must provide us with a Sales and Use Tax ID number in order to receive tax-free pricing. MSRP is listed on each product page.


For your convenience, we offer subscriptions (automatic reorder) of our classic blends and year-round single origin coffees. When you select this option, we will deliver freshly roasted beans every week, two weeks, or month, as you have chosen. Subscriptions are charged automatically when they ship and can be modified, paused, or canceled at any time. For those who want the ease of a subscription along with the variety that comes with seasonally changing single-origin coffees, we offer single origin subscriptions in three pricing tiers (see price levels, above). When you subscribe to this option, at the interval of your choice we will automatically send you our roaster's current pick of one fantastic single-origin coffee from your chosen price level.


All beans are roasted on Monday and are shipped, delivered, or ready for pickup on Tuesday. Order before midnight on Sunday to have your beans included in the next day's roast.

We offer free delivery within 30 miles for purchases of 10 pounds or more. If your order is eligible, this option will automatically show at checkout when you enter your address. All purchases have the option for free local pickup at our roastery. All other orders will be charged a standard shipping fee.

We value freshness as much as you do. You can expect your coffee to arrive between 1-5 business days after roasting. We aim to get your coffee to you as soon as possible, but we also recognize that coffee needs some time to de-gas to taste its best. We mark the roast date on each bag of coffee to make sure that you know how to keep a proper rotation. We recommend keeping enough coffee on hand for 1.5-2 weeks to maintain freshness.


Given the speed with which we process orders, once a coffee order is placed it typically cannot be changed. If you would like to increase your order, you can place a new one online.

Due to its perishable nature, once Gray Squirrel coffee has been delivered, it is non-returnable and nonrefundable. However, we understand that errors can occur, and we are here to make it right!

Please reach out with any questions or problems to wholesale@graysquirrelcoffee.com.