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B3 Blend

B3 Blend

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Nut, Red Fruit
Origin: Guatemala, Brazil, Ethiopia
Process: Natural, Washed

Created for our friends at B3 Coffee, this blend brings together Guatemalan, Brazilian, and Ethiopian beans for a clean and well-balanced cup. Equally delicious with or without milk, it is a fruit-forward coffee rounded out with notes of caramel and nut. Whether you brew it dripped, make it French press, or pull it as a wonderfully fruity espresso, we recommend enjoying the B3 Blend with those who give you a sense of visibility and belonging.

Founded by a former Gray Squirrel barista, B3 Coffee is a nonprofit that provides social and vocational opportunities for people of all abilities. (Visit their kiosk in the Chapel Hill Public Library to experience how they’re facilitating community between people with and without disabilities.) Like us, they believe in the power of coffee to bring people together, which is why we were so excited to develop this custom blend for them and why we’re very happy to donate $1 from every bag sold to B3 Coffee.

Note: We roast on Mondays and ship or have beans ready for pickup the following day. Order before midnight on Sunday to have your beans included in the next day's roast.

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About our roast levels

Our roast levels are based on the Agtron scale, with our lightest roast at 70 and our darkest at 40.

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